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Like You, We Care About The Environment

By using your reusable produce bags you are helping save billions of single-use bags used by shoppers in Australia each year ending upon the streets, in the bush and our waterways, and in our landfill.

5 Great Reasons to Use Reusable Bags for Your Fresh Produce

1. Every reusable produce bag will save approximately 100 single use plastic bags from the environment every year.

We use reusable bags when we buy our groceries, the next step is to use a re usable bag for our fruit and vegetable shopping. Our reusable produce bags are light weight (~14 grams), strong and easy to see through and, you can fit up to 4kg of fruit and veg in them.

If they get dirty just throw them in the wash. That way you can use them again and again. So this small change in our shopping makes a big difference to the environment.

Plastic bags can choke or poison fish, animals and birds. Help save millions of vulnerable wildlife every year by using your reusable produce bags.

2. They're no different to remembering to take your reusable shopping bags.

Keep them with your other reusable bags or hand bag and you’ll never forget them. They also scrunch up so small you can even put them in a pocket whenever you go shopping.

3. They are super easy to use.

Fill, Weigh, Pay.

Simply use the reusable bags like you would the single use plastic bags that are on rolls at your local supermarket or produce store: Put your produce into the bags, put the bag on the weigh scales and pay.

lady weighing produce in a fruity sacks bag on scales

4. They're better than recycled or compostable single use plastic bags.

Reusable bags are better than these alternatives as recycled plastic bags take a lot of energy to produce and often travel large numbers of carbon miles to reach their final destination.

Compostable plastic bags that are strong enough to carry your produce can also take a long time to decompose especially if they end up in landfill and are not exposed to oxygen.

5. 100% natural bags make you even more green.

We have always also wanted to be able to offer natural options. Our bamboo range not only feel and look beautiful, they naturally sustainable in that bamboo is so easy to grow it doesn’t need artificial fertilizers or pesticides. It doesn’t even require much water (much less than cotton). It is also 100% biodegradable – so ,although a little heavier and bulkier than our polyester bags, we hope these are perfect for people who want the natural option.

lady weighing produce in a fruity sacks bag on scales

“It is estimated that every year about 50 million bags become litter in Australia.” Logic tells us that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use anything just once.

The 3 R’s of green living and waste reduction are:

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When plastics are recycled, they become less strong every time they are recycled and so each time tend to be made into a less strong product. Recycling is a good step. Reducing our consumption and reusing use fewer resources than recycling and so are even better for the environment.